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Trips range in price – depending on the time of year – anywhere from $899 to $1,199.

Your cost covers everything from the time you step on the plane to the time your plane arrives back to your hometown. Your cost covers your meals, sleeping arrangements, gas, building materials and so forth. We encourage you to bring some extra money for souvenirs and the occasional snack at the market!

You should pack in accordance with the time of year you will be on your trip.  If you are coming in the winter months (November, December, January, February) than you should bring warmer clothes. The winters in Tijuana, Mexico are not blistering but they can be cold. Tijuana is very hot in the spring and summer months.  If you come in the spring or summer, expect T-shirt weather.

Men: Bring clothes according to the weather (and enough clothing for your trip). T-shirts, jeans, shorts and closed toe shoes are a must. You will want to bring one Sunday dress pair of clothes for church (dress pants, collard shirt and closed toed shoes).

Ladies: Bring your best Sunday wear for church. Otherwise, dress modestly (T-shirt, Pants, knee length skirts and such).

Mexico is home to some of the greatest dishes and especias (spices) in the world. We are very blessed to have a wonderful Spanish woman cooking for us as a full time staff member.  She does not speak English, but knows how to bring people together with the power of taste. If authentic Mexican food is not the type of food that you particularly enjoy than I would encourage you to email us and we will try to cater to your needs as best as we can.

You will be working closely with the staff at LifeChange Action. We believe that if God blessed us with a certain gift, we should use it for the kingdom to the best of our ability. At the mission center and in Tijuana, we have work to be done. You will be spending time with Children and using your spiritual gifts to affect the lives of several people. You can expect A) Children’s Ministry, B) Light construction work and C) Being challenged spiritually.

We will accept people as young as 13 unless accompanied by their parent. Children younger than 10 (with an adult) are accepted on a case by case basis.

Everyone will be in one large house. There are several private bathrooms on site and an apartment attached to the mission center.